Unleashing the Spirit of the 60’s: A Guide to a Memorable Woodstock Themed Party


In 1969, the world bore witness to the iconic Woodstock Music & Art Fair, a three-day gathering epitomizing love, peace, and music. Today, we bring you back to the spirit of the 60’s and guide you on how to host a Woodstock themed party that your guests will remember for a lifetime.

The Venue: Transporting Guests to the Mythical Bethel Fields

Perhaps, the most critical part of hosting a memorable Woodstock themed party is the selection of the venue. You would want to choose an open-fields-like space to mimic the outdoor setting of the historic event. For a more authentic feel, consider decorating the area with psychedelic patterns, tye-dye colored fabrics, and huge peace signs.

The Invitation: Spreading the Love

Your invitation is the first peek into the party’s theme, and it is crucial to capture the essence of the 60’s in them. Use fringed, tie-dyed, or bandana-inspired paper for your invitation, and don’t forget to fill them up with 60’s themed slang or lyrics from that era’s popular songs.

The Dress Code: Rocking the Threads of Freedom

Inform your guests about the hippie-themed dress code upfront. Encourage them to dress up in fringed vests, bell-bottom pants, tie-dyed shirts, maxi dresses, bandanas, and peace sign accessories. Their effort in dressing up can contribute significantly to setting the party’s atmosphere.

The Music: Grooving to the Rhythm of Woodstock

No Woodstock themed party would be complete without ticking off the Woodstock soundtrack. Feature bands and artists who were part of the original Woodstock festival, such as Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, and more. If you have the budget, hiring a live band to play the 60’s hits can greatly uplift the mood.

The Food and Drinks: Feeding the Hippie Appetites

For food, think of simple yet delightful dishes that are easy to grab and eat while socializing. Opt for veggie trays, cheese & fruit platters, classic sandwiches, and more. A drink menu filled with drink options prevalent in the 60’s, like Harvey Wallbanger, can be a fun trip down memory lane for some guests.

The Activities: Ensuring a Groovy Time

Your Woodstock inspired bash needs the complement of engaging activities. Arrange for DIY tie-dye stations, flower crown making areas, or face painting booths to keep guests entertained. And always be open to spontaneous dance-offs and jam sessions; after all, it’s a party imbued with the spirit of music and dance.

The Memorabilia: Reliving the Essence of Woodstock

Lastly, hand out Woodstock-inspired memorabilia such as keychains or custom-designed guitar picks, contributing greatly to making your party a memorable event.


Hosting a Woodstock themed party is a fabulous way to relive the era of peace, love, and music. By considering these elements for your party, you are not only throwing a fantastic bash but also creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience that echoes the essence of the historic Woodstock festival.

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